Preview of Coming Attractions

Coming soon will be my new site  which will explore various ways to save money on your cellular phone bills.  With cell phones now in nearly everyone’s pocket or purse, monthly costs can begin to mount up, especially if one falls prey to the slick marketing of the wireless carriers and goes for the latest and greatest “smart” phones.  Sometimes, taking that path isn’t smart at all.   Do you really need to have a pocket computer with you at all times.  And, if so, do you really need to have it connected to the internet at all times?  Connectivity can be expensive as smart phones can gobble up data at amazing rates and, often, without your being aware of it until the bill arrives in the mail!
There alternatives to big cell phone bills that will still give you the kind of service you really need and at a cost that is far below what you’re probably paying now.  And, you need not sacrifice service quality either!
Stay tuned for more as I develop the site.  This blog is a development/learning tool for me as I have no experience building websites and don’t have big bucks to spend to have someone do it for me.  Your patience is most appreciateed!

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